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Clear View Worship Center

Fulfillig the Great Commission by Keeping the Love Commandments

Thank you for your interest in Clear View Worship Center!

Clear View's ministries are based on the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ as revealed in the Holy Bible. We believe our Lord Jesus has chosen us to serve as He would, i.e., by meeting the needs of the people. This biblical mandate is of utmost importance. Therefore, our ministry teams are genuinely committed to "Fulfilling the Great Commission by keeping the Great Commandments." 

To minister to the needs of the people in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ also demands that the selfless love of Jesus govern both the participants and our performances in this ministry. As a result, a high percentage of casual seekers are enlightened at Clear View. Here by divine direction, we discover and embrace our desperate need for more Christ-like values and virtues. This inner spiritual awakening to a better and deeper understanding of Bible-based principles of righteousness leads the sincere seeker to further self-examination.

Just as there are self-centered dropouts in secular educational pursuits, some individuals are unwilling to endure the Holy Spirit's spiritual conviction and conversion process. But in both secular and spiritual arenas, those persons who endure hardness and overcome setbacks do celebrate with great joy. At Clear View, it is common for curiosity seekers to become converted, "born-again" believers. Often during the worship experience, we get so elated and excited about God's refreshing spiritual peace and our Christian joy that Holy Ghost fire ignites the assembly for the Lord. Genuinely high-spirited, Christ-exalting praises erupt in and flow from believers' souls into the church like a volcano awaking and spewing hot lava upon the earth. Such divine love, soul-filling joy and spiritual peace in a believer is a signal work and spiritual fruit of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit also breathes out of Himself and seals within the believer's spirit that renown "born-again" faith and Christ-like commitment to God and His kingdom's work.

He that hath an ear to hear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the church. 

When Jesus Christ is your Shepherd, everything else is small!! Clear View's ministries are Christ-centered. We are NOT about ear-tickling empty-promises or fund-raising, men-pleasing, patron-fleecing, self-exalting, wild-eyed events. Clear View's beliefs and ministries are based on and rooted in the Truth as revealed in the Holy Bible. Our faith is anchored in Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God. Our ministries are motivated by the love, faith, and fellowship of Jesus Christ. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver to you the best Christian services in the kingdom of God. Click on Bible Gateway and read Hebrews 2:9. That verse is the Holy Scripture from which the name Clear View was prayerfully obtained and spiritually received by 23 hopeful worshipers in March 1998. Since our genesis in 1998 we've had a fresh Word from the Lord and a Clear View of Jesus Christ in every assembly. We invite you to pray about becoming a supporter of this ministry and to adhere to whatever God says in answer to your prayers. Amen? AMEN!!

Like Jesus Christ our Lord, we are close to you and very easy to find in this small world. So come meet Jesus and worship Him with us this week, ok? Please find our assembly schedule on the Events page. Thank you.

Location: 10657 Alco Ave - Baton Rouge, LA, USA 70816-4239